World Cup Ball Pets Game!

Go USA! I believe that we will win! Here is a new game we created to empower the World Cup so everyone can be a part of it even those of you children out there with Ball Pets! Whose ready to learn how to play ” Ball Pets World Cup Soccer ” ?!

  1. Pick your favorite country to represent a wear a shirt of that color!
  2. Get to laundry bins and put them about 10 feet away!
  3. 1 versus 1 games first team to 3 wins get your ball pet rolling right into the goal.
  4. Winner gets to play with the Ball Pet and hoist it up like the World Cup trophy!

Try this game out with your kids to embrace the uncommon celebration of the World Cup! It is fun and easy to set up that just about every one can enjoy post questions and comments below if you need any help!

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Boot-It Ball Pets Game

Alas, the World Cup is here! A moment that only visits our universe one time every four years, the ultimate world champions! Today we designed a game your kids can play to enjoy the festivities of the World Cup with their Ball Pets. We call it Boot-IT, its a fun and simple game perfect for children of any age!

Here Is How To Play:

  • Get your Ball Pet
  • Grab a friend or parent to play with or against you!
  • Get your Ball Pet and with two hands hold it and punt it!
  • Your partner needs to catch it, if they don’t catch it they don’t get a point!
  • If they do catch it they get a point, than it’s your partners turn to do the same to you!
  • First person to 7 wins!

There is only one major rule for this game, HAVE FUN that is what Ball Pets are all about! After the game be sure to give your Ball Pet a huge hug, and make sure they’re closed when you give them a kick, you don’t want to hurt them. I recommend wearing shoes when playing for safety purposes! Can’t play because you or your child doesn’t have a Ball Pet, no big deal order yours today with an exclusive web special over at!

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Ball Pets Tic-Tac-Toe!

Ball Pet Tic-Tac-Toe

Ball Pet Tic-Tac-Toe

It is getting warmer outside, which means your kids want to be outside as much as possible! And so do we! There are so many different games to play outside with your Ball Pets to guarantee the best fun! And here’s one of our favorites! It’s a big, interactive game of Tic-Tac-Toe! How do you play?

First, set up your tic-tac-toe board on either an old sheet (draw the lines with a marker) or on the sidewalk/driveway drawn out with chalk. Next, gather your Ball Pets (you’ll need at least 9 in total). Split the Ball Pets evenly with one extra, and start playing your large game of Ball Pet Tic-Tac-Toe! The kids will have to move strategically, placing their Ball Pet on the playing grid. This game is brain-stimulating and fun! And whoever is the Ball Pet that wins the game, your child can pop her open and give her a big hug! That’s the beauty of Ball Pets. Set up your game of Ball Pet Tic-Tac-Toe for the summer and order your Ball Pets today!